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Diagnostic Review of Early Childhood Development Diagnostic Review of Early Childhood Development HOT

On the eve of the review and revision of the National Integrated Plan for Early Child Development 2005-2010, the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation in the Presidency and the Inter-Departmental Steering Committee on Early Childhood Development commissioned a Diagnostic Review of the prevailing Early Childhood Development (ECD) paradigm, current services, human resources, funding and impact. The DR is based on a review of 112 relevant policy documents, evaluations and studies, as well as consultations with ECD practitioners, civil society, researchers and government officials at national, provincial and local levels. The DR was conducted by a team of people with expertise in the issues covered.

Category Implementation research
Author Linda Richter, Linda Biersteker, Justine Burns, Chris Desmond, Nosisi Feza, David Harrison, Patricia Martin, Haroon Saloojee and Wiedaad Slemming