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Learning and Capacity Needs Assessment Learning and Capacity Needs Assessment HOT

The Monitoring and Learning Facility (MLF) of the Programme to Support Pro-Poor Policy Development (PSPPD) is focused on improving evidence based policy making (EBPM) in South Africa. One of its key strategies is to provide professional learning opportunities to strengthen the skills of researchers and policy makers.

In order to ensure that opportunities for professional development are appropriate, a needs assessment was commissioned in which the following outputs were stipulated:
 Analysis of training and development needs in relation to EBPM of researchers, particularly historically disadvantaged researchers
 Analysis of training and development needs in relation to EBPM of policy makers, particularly in relation to poverty and inequality and rural development
 Identification of suitable training and development interventions, and suggestions for changes to the emerging mix
 Development of a Learning and Capacity Development Framework, including a model for project-based/action learning and post-training support
 Proposals for exchanges to complement the current proposed capacity development activities, including suggested individuals, as well as possible hosts for exchanges

The needs assessment involved the contribution of key individuals as identified by the PSPPD/MLF team.

Version 2010
Category Theme 5: Improving policy implementation through evidence use
Author Penny Parenzee