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Assessing the need for a poverty information service Assessing the need for a poverty information service HOT

The Programme for Support to Pro-Poor Policy Development (PSPPD) is a partnership between the Presidency, Republic of South Africa, and the European Union. It aims to improve evidence-based policy making in South Africa. To date its focus has been on building capacity around the understanding of poverty and inequality. In the process a challenge has been identified as to where to find reliable and up to date information around poverty and inequality in South Africa. PSPPD has created some information resources on its website, but since the demise of the Southern African Regional Poverty Network (SARPN) there has been no clear point of contact and source of information in South Africa around poverty and inequality. In Phase 2 of PSPPD programme consideration is being given to how PSPPD could support the establishment or resuscitation of such a service.

Version 2011
Category Theme 5: Improving policy implementation through evidence use
Author Rick de Satgé