Grantee research PSPPD I PSPPD 2

Title Created Date
Socially Perceived Necessities in South Africa: patterns of possession 19 July 2016
South African Municipalities and Mobility: Planning for the Transient and the Indigent 03 March 2016
Summary Report: Food choices and Body Mass Index (BMI) in adults and children: Evidence from the National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS) and empirical research from Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain in South Africa 11 September 2017
The Challenges that Young South Africans Face in Accessing Jobs: Could a Targeted Wage Subsidy Help? 05 March 2016
The Family Observatory for Preventive and Developmental Social Work: A Qualitative Investigation into the Challenges regarding the Implementation of the White Paper on Families in South Africa among Social Work Managers in the Public Sector 04 July 2017
The Impact of Inequality on Social Cohesion: Evidence from NIDS Data 01 June 2017
The mismatch between educational expansion and perceived social mobility: labour market barriers and unfulfilled expectations 04 July 2017
The role of educational attainment and quality schooling in reducing racial earnings inequality 05 March 2016
The vital role of good school management in improving primary school outcomes (2) 08 March 2016
Towards a Social Cohesion Barometer for South Africa 03 March 2016
Vulnerability and the middle class in South Africa 01 June 2017
Women, Crime and Incarceration: Exploring Pathways of Women in Conflict with the Law 25 August 2017