The mission of the Eastern Cape Office of the Premier is to ensure responsive, integrated and sustainable service delivery to all in the Eastern Cape through strategic leadership, critical interventions and coordinated effective provincial government. Its strategic goals are to coordinate institutional transformation of the provincial government towards the building of a developmental state; coordinate and integrate service delivery in the province; strengthen good governance, cooperative governance and public participation; and position the Office of the Premier as a strategic leader and effective centre of coordination of service delivery in the province.

The Eastern Cape Office of the Premier comprises of four branches, namely: (i) corporate and operations support, (ii) institutional development and organisational support, (iii) policy performance monitoring and evaluation, and (iv) executive support service. The PSPPD has forged relationships with the Office of the Premier, liaising with the team involved in policy, performance monitoring and evaluation. A collaborative initiative is being explored whereby the PSPPD provides support in the generation of knowledge and skills to support improved early childhood development (ECD) service delivery in the province.  An additional contribution that the PSPPD wishes to make is the improvement of frontline services with respect to the provision of grants.  As such, a potential initiative is to collaborate with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to build the competencies of frontline service staff.

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18 October 2019

Province - Eastern Cape