The mission of the Gauteng Office of the Premier is to serve as a political nerve centre to ensure that government excels in fulfilling its mandate. The Office of the Premier's strategic objectives are:

  • Providing strategic support to the Premier and the Executive Council (EXCO) to ensure effective strategic leadership;
  • Facilitating the setting of clear priorities, enabling legislation and improved governance to realise desired policy outcomes;
  • Building a developmental state with the capacity to drive change and transformation for the betterment of peoples' lives;
  • Forging social contracts with stakeholders to strengthen social partnerships for improved service delivery;
  • Ensuring that the Premier is provided with appropriate support to effectively execute his/her role and responsibilities;
  • Fostering strong intergovernmental and international relationships to advance the development agenda; driving the human resource policy and strategy to attract, develop and retain the best possible skills and to harness the productive energies of all Gauteng provincial government employees;
  • Driving integrated and effective government communication to ensure that people are well informed and have access to credible information about government services and programmes; and
  • Promoting participatory democracy to ensure ongoing interaction between government and civil society.

The Office of the Premier is structured into six branches, namely: (i) Policy coordination, monitoring and evaluation; (ii) Corporate management; (iii) Executive support and stakeholder management; (iv) Institutional development support and integrity; (v) Provincial communication services; and (vi) Gauteng Planning Division – Development Planning. 

The PSPPD will look towards strengthening the collaborative partnership with the Planning Division in particular, and explore the potential for working with the Policy coordination, monitoring and evaluation and Institutional development support and integrity branches.

The PSPPD will focus on supporting technical capacity-building of the Planning Division and research and policy team to embed planning across the work of the Office of the Premier.  A proposed initiative is to prioritise the appointment of a technical support person, who in turn will also provide mentorship.

17 September 2019

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