The vision of the Office of the Premier in KwaZulu-Natal is to be the centre of governance, providing leadership in creating a better life for all.  The Office of the Premier, in supporting the Premier in carrying out constitutional and legal mandates, identifies with the values of integrity, professionalism, accountability and Ubuntu.   The core functions include that of:

  • Integrating, coordinating and facilitating transversal policies, programmes, strategies, plans and systems
  • Monitoring and evaluating of transversal programmes
  • Macro-planning and policy development
  • Providing strategic leadership and direction for provincial government
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of legislation
  • Promoting and inter-governmental relations and good governance

The Office of the Premier has three core programmes, namely administration, institutional development and policy and governance. As a PSPPD key partner, collaborative engagement has focused on skills sharing as well as supporting existing institutional mechanism for knowledge generation and management. The collaborative work of the PSPPD in this province is located primarily within the programme for policy and governance. The contribution that the PSPPD wishes to make through its collaboration with the KwaZulu-Natal Office of the Premier is to provide technical support to the research and policy team.

17 September 2019

Province - Kwazulu-Natal