The mission of the Limpopo Office of the Premier is to provide innovative and strategic leadership and management for service excellence.

Within the ambit of responsibilities of the Office of the Premier, the emphasis is on good governance, integrated planning, sustainable growth and development. The responsibilities of the Office of the Premier are to:

  • Oversee the administration of relevant provincial and national legislation which have been assigned to the province in terms of Acts of the Provincial Legislature/Parliament;
  • Coordinate the preparation and initiation of provincial legislation;
  • Coordinate the functions of the provincial administration and its departments;
  • Manage performance of the provincial administration, and monitor and evaluate service delivery and governance in the province;
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of policy and planning in the province; and
  • Strengthen intra- and inter-governmental relations, as well as international relations.

In undertaking these responsibilities, the Office of the Premier is structured with branches for administration, institutional support, planning and monitoring and evaluation.

The PSPPD works collaboratively with the Office of the Premier, particularly the planning and monitoring and evaluation branches.  Not only does the PSPPD wish to contribute towards increased technical capacity within the Office of the Premier, but also to the optimal use of and strengthening of an existing knowledge system that is responsive to provincial policy priorities. 

Therefore, the engagement with key stakeholders in the Office of the Premier is directed towards support that enables the strengthening of skills and also facilitates engagement between policy-makers and researchers within the province so that evidence generated is responsive to the requirements and priorities of the province.

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